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Every client is unique in their own way and so we understand that each would have their own preferences when it comes to their lash services.

Check out below to see our customizable options!


Available for most lash sets:

J curl

JC / B curl

C curl

D curl

Available by artist suggestion:

D+ curl

L curl

LD curl


For Individuals (Classic Set):

0.10mm or 0.15mm

For Individuals (Flat or Cashmere Set):

0.15mm or 0.20mm

For Volume Lashes (depending on texture):






We offer lengths from 5mm - 14mm

*You will most likely have about 3-4 lengths mixed together to help achieve your desired shape.


Your artist can help you determine which length may be the best for you according to your style preference

* Certain curls/thicknesses/lengths may not be available for all lash sets.

Please reach out to us with any questions to see if we carry what you are looking for! *


Types of false eyelashes.jpg

Basic / Natural

Shorter lengths on inner corner with same lengths to outer corner. The shape will follow the natural curve of your eye.

Dolly / Cute

Shorter lengths in inner + outer corner, with longer lengths in the middle. This shape helps lift and open the eyes.

Cat Eye / Sexy

Shorter lengths in inner corner, gradually getting longer towards outer corner. This shape helps elongate the eyes.


Premium Mink (Synthetic)

We only use the highest quality of lashes on the market for our clients, which is called Premium Mink. 

This material intends to mimic the quality and fineness of real mink hair but unlike real mink hair, it is able to hold its curl better and last just as long.

* The design options above will be discussed with your artist prior to your service. So no need to make a decision on them when you book*


We offer a variety of services for both Individual lashes and Volume lashes.

See below for explanations and examples for each type of service!

individuals vs Volume Lashes

One of the most common questions we receive from newer clients is

"What is the difference between Individuals and Volume lashes?



Lashes are applied in a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1 eyelash extension per each natural lash. Great for those who are looking for a style that resembles 1 to 2 coats of mascara on their eyelashes. The service name for our individuals lash set is "Premium Mink" which is the highest quality synthetic fiber that we use for all of our lash sets, including volume lashes.


Lashes that are applied in fans that contain anywhere between 2-12 lashes depending on the type of lash texture you choose (you will see the lash amount in a fan as 2-12D). Lash fans provide a fuller coverage and can be a great option for those who have naturally sparse lashes.

Left side of photo is of Fluffy 2-4D volume lashes

Right side of photo is of Premium Mink 200 lashes (100 lashes per eye)

FLAT LASHES (aka cashmere lashes)

Another popular question that we get asked is

"What's the difference between regular lashes and flat lashes?"

regvsflat-01 4.jpg

Classic Extensions

These extensions have a circular base so the height and diameter of the lash are the same.

regvsflat-01 3.jpg

Flat Extensions

The base is wider and more oval shape, almost as if the base of a regular extension was flattened.

Benefits of Flat Lashes

Better Retention:

Darker lash line:

Lighter in weight:

the flatter base gives a wider surface area which allows for a better, more secure attachment to the natural lash

a wider base will give a slightly darker lash line than regular lashes

the height of the base is a little under half of the width which makes the overall extension lighter. This is especially helpful to those who tend to have shorter, weaker natural lashes.


If you are looking for a specific texture for your lashes, Volume will be the best choice for you as you have much more creative freedom for the design.

See below for the different textures we offer

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Our hybrid set is consist of 75% flat individual lashes and 25% fluffy volume lashes (3D) 

When comparing between Flat lashes and Hybrid, the texture of Hybrid is softer because of fluffy volume lashes. It is perfect for people who like the separated individual lash set, however you'd like to have little more volume. Hybrid has a softer texture than regular flat lash set since there are fluffy volume lashes in between. It gives a light, wispy look.

Hybrid (Medium volume)

12_15 Kathering C (Kei)_edited.jpg
10-3 Rory H (Q)(1) (1)_edited.jpg


This texture consists of only open fans and gives a beautiful overall fluffy, full coverage look. The amount of lashes in a fan can be adjusted to your like (all 2D, 3D, or 4D, or mixed depending on natural lash condition).

This, along with the next texture below, are our most popular services offered! We highly suggest the Fluffy 2-4D to anyone who has naturally sparse lashes and are looking to fill gaps.

Fluffy 2-4D (Medium volume)


Another popular lash service is the Platinum 2-9D. We could adjust the bundle thickness depending on what you are looking for. We can make this set looks more light and sparse or thick and full. You can consult with your lash artist and she can customize the set for you.

These textures offer the darkest lash line out of the previously mentioned volume textures.


Platinum 2-4D (Medium volume)


Platinum 5-9D (Medium volume)

(aka mega)

Thinner lashes are used to achieve a higher amount of lashes in a single fan in order to keep the integrity of your natural lash. This is the perfect set for those who have very sparse natural lashes and are looking to achieve the fuller look or those who love the Fluffy texture but want a darker lash line.

Please note, this set will take a few hours to complete depending on the volume chosen so please plan in advance if you are interested.

Trust us when we say that it does not have to be as dramatic as the name "Mega" suggests! If dramatic is what your goal is then we can create the perfect set for you (within reason of course as your lash health is of utmost importance!). See examples below!

Artboard 1.png

5D 0.05mm in Light Volume

(*Light volume has 50-60 fans)


9D 0.05mm in Medium Volume

(*Medium volume has 70-80 fans)

For more additional information, please click either links below!

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