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First time coming to Blue Geisha Lashes

1. TEXT US at 9173100290 (Please DM us on instagram @lashnyc if you are an out of US client)

Unless you have some urgent questions, we prefer to receive text messages instead of phone call because;

 - We need to send you some sample pictures first since we have many different kinds of textures and we need to know what you are interested in getting in order for us to figure out the duration of our service. (Without these informations, we wouldn't know what day/ time we can book your appointment.)

 - We have few receptionists/ virtual assistants so we would like to keep all the records on the text messages so any staff can take over the conversation easily and will be able to know what the other staff discussed with you. Don't you hate when a staff told you something on the phone (Especially some deals) but you show up to the salon and other staff has no idea what you are talking about and they can't provide you what was promised? We put a lot of effort into providing the best customer service and we believe all these records on the text could be a powerful tool. 


2. Tell us if you your friend referred you!

We have a friend referral for both of you! Referrer (Your friend) receives $20 credit and referee (You) receive $10 for your second visit ;) Click here to see the way you can earn more credits by sharing on your social media!


3. Tell us if you have lashes on from the other place or had the lash lift work for the past few months.

Lashes from other salon: This is very important since if affects the duration of the service (availability might change). We'll ask you to send us your lash photo so we can calculate the removal time beforehand. usually we don't work on someone else's lashes, however if you absolutely wouldn't like to remove the lashes you have, we'll ask you to take some extra steps. Please click here to check the process.


Previous lash lift work: It is harder to attach extensions in general if you have the lash lift work done, but also if the work is half remained/ half gone or messy, it's even harder. It could affect the retention or could affect the quality of our lash work so we'd like to discuss with a client and tell us our honest opinion and risk beforehand.   

4. Tell us your availability 

If there are days/ times that you absolutely can't make it such as before 6pm on the weekdays because of work...ect, or you must get lashes before your trip or some special event, let us know! If it's just a preference, you could mention that as well. We are very busy and sometimes do not have many availabilities, so limiting the time/ day could delay your booking process. Mentioning something general like "as soon as possible" or "this week", it'll be easier for us to find you the spot quickly!

*Little tip for choosing the date of your appointment before your trip or an important event.

We recommend not to book right before the trip/ event in case something happens. Having extra days help us to fix any issues that you encounter. (Lashes falling off quickly, realizing later that something is off...ect) If it's for your wedding, we highly recommend you to do a rehearsal set at least 2-3 weeks before. If you absolutely can't, please consider getting a free patch test (It only takes 15min ish) at least few days before the wedding in case of an allergic reaction. The chance of getting an allergic reaction is very rare but some people do react to it. Even if you've been getting lashes before, you could suddenly develop it.

5. Choose the texture and lash count/ volume 

This is the most important part! Please check here for the texture options.

6. Read the cancellation policy and give us a call to update your CC info

Your appointment will not be booked until you complete this process. The cancellation policy has very important information regarding late fee and last min cancel/ rescheduling fee so please make sure to read and ask us any questions beforehand.

*The reason for updating CC info

This will only be used for the late fee and last min cancel/ rescheduling fee so we must complete this process even if you are planning to pay by cash, venmo, zelle.

This is what we see on our end after saving your information. We can only see the last 4 digits of your card and even if we click edit, it's still only for the 4 digits + your name and there's no way for us to check your other card information again.


*If you don't have a credit card or wouldn't like to provide a credit card information, you can send us 50% deposit by venmo, zelle, or paypal (for international clients) and we can book your appointment.

7. Book the appointment

After we update your information, we can finally book your appointment. Usually we book your appointment on the phone when we update your card information but some people provide the credit card information first so later they can easily book the appointment on the text. (Ex. You still need some time to think about the date/ time/ texture...ect but you might be too busy to call us later so complete this process first.)


Once we book your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation text shortly after. Please check if the date/ time/ service name are correct, and if it's not the date or time that you requested or didn't receive the confirmation text, please let us know as soon as possible. 


*If you'd like to change the texture or volume, please let us know as soon as possible since we might not be able to change your texture/ service depending on the duration or specific technique that not all the artist could do.

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