individual lashes vs volume lashes

Individual vs Volume -- Individual means only one extension is applied to one natural lash. Volume lashes mean multiple extensions will be applied to one natural lash (usually 2-3D lashes). The average thickness of individual lashes are 0.15mm but the thickness for volume lashes is only 0.07mm making it much lighter while still adding more volume and fluffiness. If you'd like a darker look, you can opt for the 3D lashes, 0.10mm thickness. 


Top pic - Individual Lashes

100 premium mink lashes (O.15mm)

Bottom pic - Volume Lashes

Fluffy Texture Medium Volume! (3D 0.07mm)

Individual lashes are bolder and more sparse,  volume lashes are thinner, fuller, fluffier. (We could use thicker lashes to make it more dramatic) 

our speciality Volume Lashes

Blue Geisha has the most advanced volume lash techniques that allows us to create many kinds of effects. Volume lash is still a new technique and very difficult skill to acquire therefore not many salons offer this option and not all lash artists can perform these techniques as manipulating lashes to create different texture can be difficult.

At Blue Geisha, the owner TB Kim has started doing volume lashes since 2016. She's studied and invented her own unique methods and has taken the time to intensively train all of our experienced lash artists on these textures. 


90% of our clients choose volume lashes. One style doesn't fit all but we are confident that you can find the right style at Blue Geisha. 


It focuses on the fluffiness. Softer and lighter look.

3D 0.07mm - Medium Volume (80 fans per eye)

Used very thinner lashes to create airly fluffy texture. Perfect for people who have thinner and sparse lashes.

3D 0.10mm - Medium Volume (80 fans per eye)

Used thicker lashes (still each thickness is much thinner than individual lashes) to create fluffy yet bolder look.


It focuses on the boldness. Darker and more textured look compared to fluffy texture. We can do uniform look or wispy/ spiky look. If you like falsies or Kim K look, you'll love our platinum bold texture.

3D 0.10mm - Medium Volume (80 fans per eye)

Uniform Look, Fuller Effect

3D 0.10mm - Medium Volume (80 fans per eye)

Extreme Wispy Look (A lot of mix lengths and space between lashes) Lighter Look Effect

3D 0.10mm - Medium Volume (80 fans per eye)

Spiky Look, Bolder but some space between lashes. Kim K Look.


Fullest Look and thinnest lashes are used for 5-9D. (0.05mm)

Perfect for people who don't have enough natural lashes but would like to get fuller look, or people who would like to get very dark lash line. We can do natural or dramatic look depending on how many lashes extensions will be applied to the natural lash and also lengths and curls.

6D 0.05mm - Dramatic Volume (100 fans per eye)

3-7D mix of 0.05-0.10mm thickness.

9D 0.05mm - Medium Volume (80 fans per eye)


Mega Volume is the most perfect texture for Kim K Look. It creates darker lash line.

3-9D mix of 0.05-0.10mm thickness.

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